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AHP Physical Therapy in Norwalk Connecticut

Norwalk Connecticut's best Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Occupational Health Services office serving all of Norwalk CT & Fairfield County!

Since 1990, Advanced Health Professionals [AHP] has helped thousands of Norwalk, CT area patients recover from pain and injury.In that time, we have become Fairfield county’s premier team of physical therapists and healthcare professionals. Our team is comprised of board-certified, recognized specialists in their fields of practice. Together they have treated thousands of patients suffering from injuries involved in personal injury, worker’s compensation, and athletic injury.

Our expertise is our ability to relieve pain, improve function and maximize patient’s quality of life.

Our licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants work closely with patients to provide unique and specialized one-on-one care. We accomplish this by first understanding each patient’s unique conditions to better comprehend the impact to daily activities. We then utilize comprehensive diagnostics so we can evaluate and design a customized treatment program that enables each patient to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Specializing in the treatment of the following complaints and conditions - Low Back Pain - Mid Back Pain - Neck Pain - Disc Herniation - Degenerative Disc Disease - Bulging Discs - Shoulder Injury and Pain - Hip Injury and Pain - Knee Injury and Pain - Pinched Nerve - Scoliosis - Fibromyalgia - Sciatica - Spondylosis - Spinal Stenosis - Tennis Elbow - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - TMJ Pain - Whiplash - Back Spasms - Plantar Fasciitis - And many more!

Your body being healthy and mobile is key to your ability to lead a happy and fulfilling life where you are capable of participating in all physical, professional and personal pursuits.

Our job is to help you obtain that healthy body and then to maintain that health so you can lead the life you want. How we do that is by reducing pain, regaining and maintaining your optimal physical health. Our multi-disciplinary approach, treats your whole body (not just points of pain), and is created and continuously tailored to your specific and ever-changing needs.


PT Def

As physical therapists, we are health care professionals. We diagnose and treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to the elderly.  Our patients are anyone that has a medical problem or other chronic condition that limits their abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.

Our process is straight-forward. 

    • We provide a thorough examination to uncover the imbalance that is causing your problems usually due to an acute injury or repetitive issues like wear and tear.
    • Next, we develop a treatment plan using protocols and techniques specific to the injury and imbalance. The goal of every treatment program is the same; to promote and increase the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. How we accomplish that goal is unique and tailored to each individual patient.
    • Finally, once we have addressed the imbalance and created a plan to maintain balance and pain-free function, we must look at lifelong challenges. This involves our work with you, our patient to prevent the loss of mobility before it happens. In other words, we develop a fitness and wellness program to support and better guaranteed a healthier and more active life for you in the long term.

Our dedicated and passionate staff is comprised of Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Aides, Physical Therapy Assistants, Certified Exercise Rehabilitation Specialists, and Massage Therapists.


AHP Physical Therapy in Norwalk Connecticut Focuses on a Holistic Full Body Treatment

    • We provide manual or  “hands-on” therapy techniques throughout each physical therapy session.
    • Our on-site, expansive rehabilitation gym offers endless options to work your targeted areas in different ways to maximize healing, provide relief of stiffness, and to challenge your body to recover faster and stronger thereby reducing the likelihood of reinjury.
    • We educate every patient on the physical dynamics of their injury and condition. Knowing what caused the problems is a significant component for creating a cure. We then explain how we will rehabilitate the sources of pain, inflammation, and imbalance.  At every step, we want to reduce, or better yet, altogether avoid the need for injections, pain medication, and surgery.
    • Finally, we arm you with easy to use equipment [like belts and straps, balls, etc…] and teach you exercises to use at home, or in the office. These types of DIY physical therapy is what enables you to maximize our work together at treatment and will be instrumental when you have reached the “maintenance phase” of your care where we work to avoid future injury or reinjury.

Our promise to you

In our work with patients of all ages, abilities, and levels of impairment, we promise each patient we will:

    • Diagnose and work diligently to address movement dysfunction to enhance and maximize physical and complete body functional capabilities.
    • Restore, maintain, and encourage optimal physical function and abilities so you can lead an  active and pain-free life at any age
    • Educate and support maintenance program plans that create optimal wellness and fitness for the best quality of life possible for all of our patients.
    • Strive to prevent the onset and progression of imbalances that can lead to impairments, functional limitations, or disease.

Our Services

    • Manual (hands-on) therapy techniques tailored to your specific injury and requirements.
    • Kinesio taping
    • Myofascial release
    • Dry needling – Acupuncture
    • Cupping
    • Therapeutic exercise
    • Post rehabilitative exercise
    • Mobility and Injury Risk assessment

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