AHP-PT Difference

AHP-PT is your case-management facilitator and work-related-injury expert!

When personal or work-related injury cases reach your desk, critical decisions needs to be made for the health of your client AND your case! That’s where we come in!

  • Our objective-reporting thoroughly documents injury and subsequently assesses improvements.
  • Our evaluators offer experience and knowledge of med-legal criterion.
  • Functional impairment upon request [whole person, regional, etc.]
  • Reliable and consistent communication with your team to keep you apprised of your client’s treatment and progress.
  • 48-hour turn-around on reports.
  • Reporting includes results in text, graphs, and other visuals for absolute clear results.
  • The highest testing validity allows us to understand pain-behaviors and perceived effort criteria.
  • We value and strive for reproducible findings and consistency.
  • AHP-PT evaluators are all LEVEL 2 CERTIFIED.
  • Coordination of all care sources for your one-stop reporting and file centralization.
  • Our philosophy is to call “balls & strikes” by utilizing standardized test and measurements with industry-recognized standards.
  • Expert testimonials from our Level Two Certified Evaluators.

Please click the following link for a redacted report sample - 2017-fce-sample.pdf

To see a full report, please contact Melissa Goldring, RPT

Via phone (203) 847-4477 or via email - [email protected]

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