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AHP-PT is dedicated to working with employers to create a safe work environment, healing workers that have been injured, and partnering with case managers, legal providers and insurers to provide a comprehensive case-management system.

  • Onsite AnalysisOur team of specialists can provide an on-site analysis of a work-space to help employers avoid workplace injuries, improve employee safety, and includes ergonomic consideration.
  • Pre-Employment TestingPart of employers’ responsible hiring practices should include diagnostic analysis of whether prospective employees can perform all expected job duties. Our unique diagnostic tools can be geared to individual industry requirements to suit almost any employer need.
  • Return to Work Analysis - If an employee is injured, we will provide the very best in physical therapy and rehabilitation to get them ready to go back to work. Our state-of-the-art back to work analysis tests all aspects of patient ability to ensure they can perform their expected job requirements.

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