We treat many patient case-types - not only treat worker’s compensation

AHP Experience

We are also fully equipped and certified to evaluate the injured worker and give unbiased “balls and strikes” to get your workers back to work in the most efficacious manner possible.

AHP-PT offers onsite chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy as a complement to our physical therapy and rehabilitation

      Our office utilizes state-of-the-art equipment from JTech Medical.

  • This equipment allows us to secure highly objective data and more than 100 different available validity criteria which create far superior standards and reporting to our competitors.
  • All of the equipment is fully digitized which all but eliminates human error and subjectivity.
  • All of our reporting and communications are electronic enabling us to get our results to referral sources and legal source in record time.

JTech LogoThis level of specificity allows the nurse case managers, attorneys, and insurance adjustors to have the highest confidence in our objective analysis, recommendations, and treatment plans. Our testing can be customized to each patient, each injury, each work-demand requirement. Our systems also create efficiencies of care since we have precise, scientifically-backed testing through JTech that demonstrates the care that each patient needs – based on their unique level of injury – their individual speed of healing – every time!

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