Evan Bonenfant, LMT

Post Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist & Massage Therapist

Evan Bonenfant LMT

The Post Rehabilitative Exercising Program [PREP] that Evan oversees st AHP is designed for individuals with various physical limitations due to accidents, injuries, disease, weight concerns, and associated medical treatments.

As our PREP exercise specialist, Evan custom designs exercise programs based on the each person's condition and ability. He guides each individual through their unique program with the goal of improving ADL (activities of daily living) and creating a new healthy way of life!

His focus is devoted to those seeking a supportive way to get back to an active lifestyle but are at a loss of where to start and what is safe. Evan can be booked for individual, group, and family sessions.
Evan is also a fully Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing since 2014. He graduated Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and has had the pleasure of working with dozens of our patients over the last few years.

Some of the modalities Evan uses in his massage sessions include:

      • Soft & deep tissue manipulation
      • Joint mobilization, stretching, cupping,
      • Deep tissue massage
      • Targeted massage
      • Sports massage
      • Traditional relaxation massage

What makes Evan invaluable to our treatment team at AHP is his ability to work with patients that are under care at AHP for many different health issues and concerns. Evan customizes each session specifically to cater to the patient’s needs and to maximize rehabilitative impact. His ability to communicate with the patient and his attention to detail sets him apart from other specialists.

Our chiropractic and physical therapy departments refer many patients to Evan for one-on-one PREP sessions or therapeutic massage to aid in their healing process and as an active complementary service to their regular treatments at AHP.

Do not hesitate to call AHP with any questions in regards to our Massage Therapy program, we are always happy to help! You are in good hands!

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