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Health Plus

Want to receive the best care for the best price? Join Health Plus today.

AHP’s premium wellness package, Health Plus offers access to our health, wellness and age-defying programs for a fraction of their regular price. Want to try acupuncture, have a professional stretching session or relax with a massage? They’re all included under Health Plus, as are many of our other services.

How it works
For just $39.99 a year ($49.99 for a family of four), you’ll get access to a discount off all our regularly-priced wellness services. This includes The Vital Stretch™, Post Rehabilitation Exercise, and massage. You’ll also save on regularly-priced supports and supplies.

HP for oneHP for family

What’s included?
A discount off the following regularly-priced services:

  • The Vital Stretch™
  • Post Rehab Exercise Program (PREP)
  • Massage

Why you should join Health Plus today
1. To get healthy sooner. The more sessions you take advantage of, the better you’ll feel. Health Plus allows you to access AHP services when you want at a fraction of the price WITHOUT any contract hassles or monthly auto withdrawals

2. To save money. With savings off our regularly-priced wellness services and regularly-priced supports and supplies, you’ll have more cash left over to enjoy your healthier lifestyle.

3.To try new health-boosting services. Want to sample our Post Rehab Exercise Program? Health Plus makes AHP’s services more convenient and affordable, allowing you to try new services whenever you want.


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