Melissa Goldring, RPT

Director of Physical Therapy


After graduating with a degree in Physical Therapy, I joined Advanced Health Professionals in 1999. What drew me to AHP was our multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. My goal has always been to help people recover from injury and feel better with whatever tools can maximize healing. For those that need it, our collaborative efforts, looking at a patient’s injuries from our own disciplines in Physical Therapy and Chiropractic perspectives does just that—it maximizes healing.

I have been fortunate to observe several surgeries, including multiple joint replacements and reconstruction. In 2010, I was invited into the OR to observe a complex spinal surgery with one of my own patients with Dr. Lipow, head of Neurosurgery at Bridgeport Hospital.

In the 18+ years I have been practicing at AHP, I have received numerous certificates in advanced manual therapy & rehabilitative techniques for pre/post-surgical patients, post trauma, arthritic conditions and how nutrition impacts the body during recovery to name a few. I have also received special advanced training in Pilates and Yoga techniques specific for rehab programs during Physical Therapy as well. I believe educating and giving people the tools they need to incorporate wellness into their everyday life gives more value in the long run.

Over the past several years I have expanded my passion for helping people in their general fitness and nutritional goals by also becoming a Health Coach for Beachbody. My goals include teaching people how to take better care of themselves—from the inside out! In this capacity, I have the ability to help people achieve lifelong wellness while building a community of those who support each other doing the same!

As Director of Physical Therapy at AHP, I take great pride in getting to know my patients, and helping them achieve their health and fitness goals, and have for almost 2 decades. I believe that earning my patients trust; educating them in health and wellness and creating a fun rehab environment helps enhance a patient’s experience, and encourages them to move toward their own desires to Feel Well. Live Well. Age Well.

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