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What is Assisted Stretching?

The Vital Stretch™

The Vital Stretch Assisted Stretching with Isolated Stabilization

We all know that stretching is good for us. It can undo damage caused by less than perfect posture (we’re looking at you, workplace slouchers) and combat sore, stiff muscles gained by hours spent lazing around (nudge, nudge, binge-watchers). Another bonus: stretching can boost our brain power, increase athletic performance and reduce pain. Still not convinced? A 2011 study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy found that 20 minutes of passive stretching can lower blood glucose levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes. Not bad for something we can do without breaking a sweat. Problem is: targeting our problem spots can be tough to do on our own. Plus, we could cause further damage by stretching the wrong way. That’s where The Vital Stretch™ comes in.

What is it?

Developed by Melissa and Robert Goldring, physical therapist and chiropractic physician, The Vital Stretch™ is a one-of-a-kind program that takes stretching to a whole new level. With a combined 45 years of experience and research behind them, Melissa and Robert have developed customized techniques that utilize assisted stretching and isolated stabilization to help you get the most effective stretches possible. By the time you leave, you’ll have stretched places you didn’t even know were tight!

Here's how it works

The Vital Stretch™ is a program of assisted stretching, which means one of our qualified stretchers will help you get the most out of each full body stretch. To ensure you’re in the best position, our stretcher will use what we call isolated stabilization. You’ll lie on our specially designed table surrounded by comfortable support pillows and a soft belting system to get you in the perfect spot.

Worried your stretcher will push you too far? Don’t. We tailor each session to meet your individual goals and your body’s specific needs. As your body progresses (i.e. becomes looser) so, too, will each stretch. Your bespoke program will take into account your age, phase of life and level of conditioning. We will never force your body into a stretch it is not ready to do.

Who needs it?

Our programs were designed for everyone - the young and the old, the active and the immobile, the weekend warrior and the uber stressed. Whether you want to improve your mobility or athletic performance, decrease pain or boost your mental state, The Vital Stretch™ will
help you reach your goals and get back on the path to good health.


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