What to expect from assisted stretching

How does this differ from regular stretching?   

Unlike your typical post-workout stretching routine, The Vital Stretch® targets both fascia and muscles. Fascia is a strong, dense connective tissue that surrounds and separates your muscles. Picture a spider web that stretches from your toes to the top of your head.

Fascia acts like a highway, connecting all of your cells to each other. When it’s stressed (by injury, inflammation or poor posture), the fascia becomes tight and puts extra pressure on the body’s nerves, muscles, bones and blood vessels. Since everything is so well connected, this tightness can also impact your organs and brain. The result: pain and decreased mood and mobility, which can have lasting effects on your daily life.

The Vital Stretch® targets taut muscles and fascia in an effort to release and relieve these negative effects. As mentioned earlier, our specialized program utilizes assisted stretching and isolated stabilization to target your problem areas and get to the root of your tightness. We stretch from the toes all the way up to your head to make sure your entire body is effectively released.

What to expect:

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our cheerful receptionist team members. They’ll ask you to complete a few basic medical forms, similar to those you’d fill out before having a massage.

Then you’ll meet your stretcher. Evan Bonenfant (Massage Therapist) has been certified and trained in our proprietary, The Vital Stretch® system.

After your session, you’ll be advised to drink plenty of water and will leave feeling revitalized.


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